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Here are some of my core political and ethical beliefs:

  • I believe in honoring the humanity and dignity of every person.
  • I believe that there is no such thing as a person who is useless, worthless, or pointless.
  • I believe that we have to take accountability for the harm we cause.
  • I believe that we all have the capacity to harm, and that we have a responsibility to try to reduce our capacity for harm. 
  • I believe that we are not defined by our worst mistakes or moments. 
  • I believe that everyone deserves safety, nutrition, housing, health care, self-determination, autonomy, community, support, access, and wellness. 
  • I believe that we do not get free until we all get free.
  • I believe that justice is not “just us.”
  • I believe in using whatever resources we each may have to challenge oppression, injustice, and violence in all their forms.
  • I believe that community and collective action will save us – not the state, not charities or nonprofits or NGO’s, not academic institutions, not lawyers or professionals.
  • I believe in accountability that isn’t rooted in punishment, police, or prisons.
  • I believe that movements for justice and liberation require multiple tactics as part of short-term and long-haul strategies.
  • I believe that dreaming and building the future we want are just as essential to social justice as calling out and fighting against harms.
  • I believe that it is not possible to address the problem of ableism without addressing the problems of white supremacy, capitalism, gender-based oppression, settler-colonialism, and other forms of systemic and structural violence, oppression, and domination.

If our visions seem aligned and you’d like to get in contact to invite me to speak, request consultation, ask for help, or just say hello, you can reach me by email. Please do not send advocacy-related questions, professional requests, or any other requests for my labor to me via social media as it is rarely checked and will not guarantee any response.

If this is a work-related question (and not about my individual advocacy, speaking, or consulting offerings), please reach out to me via the relevant organization instead.

And if this is a message to tell me how wrong or awful you think I am, please consider whether your message truly needs to be sent to me. I am a person. Sometimes I am wrong as are we all. Sometimes I have changed my mind about an issue, as we all should at some point in our lives. I am doing the best that I can in an imperfect, hurtful world, with my limited time on this earth.

Note: Since at least as far back as July 2022 February April June August October 2023, the contact form was malfunctioning and did not send messages to me. If you sent a message during that timeframe and did not receive an acknowledgement, you may resend it.

Update: As of February 2024, this form is still malfunctioning. Responses are sent but they are not being forwarded to my inbox, which is very fun (sarcasm) for a very neurospicy autistic person with ADHD. I am working on a solution and responding to the accidentally accumulated backlog. Thank you for your patience!

If you have a time-sensitive request, you may email hello (at) Please note that Lydia X. Z. Brown is not an organization and is unable to provide immediate crisis support or response, counseling, legal advice or representation, or individual care or support services. Thank you for your patience and care as I move on crip time